What is App a Day?

With i-touches, i-pads and i-phones becoming more popular, the apps are increasing in numbers too. With so many apps out there, how do you know what is good and what isn't. That is what I am hoping to help you with in this blog. If you have a suggestion of an app to share...please send me an email to jdief99@gmail.com.

After taking a year off with a new job...I have many apps to discuss. Follow me for at least 3 new apps at week.

Updated: 1/25/2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CSR Racing

Do you enjoy racing? In CSR you drag race many different cars from level 1 cars (which aren't real fast) to level 5 cars like my Mustang Cobra Jet or my BMW Z4 GT3 which can hit 200 mph.  The more races you win, the more money you earn, the more cars and upgrades you can make.  Great game for the cost...FREE!